Unique Venues & Boutique style hotels

Rob CarachiloRoberts' News that Caught our Eye

Unique venues, and even work spaces, are popping up everywhere. Same is the trend for boutique style hotels. What these venues and hotels have in common is their commitment to trendy, breath of fresh air, decor and chic vibes that help make each one different than the next.

One of the exciting parts of our role in events is that we get to visit unique spaces all the time. From small art galleries perfect for intimate parties of 30 to hotels that can service groups of 200 or more. We showcase different attractions throughout the year in our weekly newsletter (see sidebar for sign up info), always highlighting “new for the year” ones in January.

This week we visited three distinct locations.

First up is Normandy Farm, which hosted Philadelphia MPI’s Education Day conference. Normandy Farm offers state of the art meeting and banquet space in a redone former barn. The space is both unique and refreshing in its irony. With natural sunlight and a great indoor-outdoor feel to the downstairs main area, the space offers a nice break from traditional urban meetings.

Next up is Warwick Hotel at Ritthenhouse Square. Their lobby perfectly sums up their commitment to bridging historic elegance and modern chic. The modern furniture is featured throughout the meeting spaces, and their multiple configuration of rooms makes it a good size for groups of all shapes and sizes.

Finally is West Laurel Hill cemetery, just outside city limits to the west. An impressive amount of history is packed into the gates of West Laurel Hill (and yes, its an extension of Laurel Hill cemetery within Fairmount Park of Philadelphia). Monuments line the roads of the land and lead you to the Bell Tower, which feels like an old fashioned estate. For history lovers or thrillists, this unique space provides a historic setting and plenty of natural light and greenery.

No matter the size or specs of your group, we have the perfect spot for you here in our region!