Connecting during Social Distancing

Rob CarachiloRoberts' News that Caught our Eye

As people throughout the world are hunkered down during COVID-19 to #flattenthecurve, it is essential that humankind continue connecting. While looking for inspiration during this time, look no further than the many companies offering free video messaging, and the many people who are trying it for the first time.

As the old hierarchy goes, its best live and in person, but when that isn’t possible you go down the line…video messaging, then phone, then email, then text.

Make sure that all the connections are not just essential to business operations, but essential to your business of your own well being. If you have a colleague who you always ate lunch with, set up a FaceTime or Zoom to keep that connection going. And don’t forget Happy Hours! There are even some fun enhancements you can do at home, but certainly doing the happy hour over video is essential to get the vibe going and allow the “end of the week” celebration to begin.

There are also ways to connect with friends using workout apps, or group hang outs to experience everything from workouts to binge watching TV!

In addition to keeping your connections going, this is also a great time to try something new. Whether learning a new language, or trying a new recipe, being at home allows you to make the most of each day.

As much as we can’t wait for people to start connecting live and in person at meetings & events, this does give all of us a time to pause and look for each silver lining. Stay safe, stay well, and know we’re here for you during this time.